Effective 06/16/2021

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Loan Rates APR


7.49% - 13.49%

up to 36 months



up to 60 months


2.99% - 8.99%

2.49% - 8.49%

72 - 84 months

up to 60 months


2.49% -  8.49%

1.99% -  7.99%

72 - 84 months

up to 60 months

USED AUTOS (mid Kelley Blue Book value)

3.49% - 9.49%

2.99% - 8.99%

60 - 72 months

up to 48 months

NEW BOAT, RV, MOTORHOME (75% of purchase price)

 6.49% - 12.49%

120 months

USED BOAT, RV, MOTORHOME (75% of appraised value)

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